At Laura Vicuña Pre-K, we create a safe and stimulating environment in which children can develop their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative selves. Each day is rich in discovery as our children work with letters and numbers, words and pictures, ideas and things. We give each child space in which to grow, and tailor our teaching to the needs of each child. Our team emphasizes essential capabilities such as language development, reading readiness, beginning math, and social skills through activities in art, music, science, language, indoor and outdoor play. We also work to build moral values, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills. Every week our students enjoy yoga, Italian language class and physical education. We take frequent field trips and host special visitors like The Insect Lab ZooMobile and The San Francisco Opera Guild.





North Beach is a unique village within the city and offers delightful field trips within walking distance. Historic Washington Square Park across the street is the location of our own mini Pre-K “walk-a-thon” in the spring. The Pre-K 3’s enjoy stories at the North Beach Library and frolic at the Joe DiMaggio Playground as part of their weekly curriculum. The Pre-K 4’s class has visited the post office, the fire station, and Aquarium of the Bay. A trip to Liguria Bakery to see how focaccia is made is always a Pre-K 4’s class favorite. The Pre-K 4’s weekly visit to our community garden lets our students observe, discover and appreciate nature.